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Analog Dimmable Driver -20W

Analog Dimmable Driver

1. Smooth Dimming
2. Wide Dimming Range
3. Compatibility with Home Automation
4. Energy Efficiency with High PF & THD
5. Compliance with safety standards

Analog dimmable drivers are commonly used in commercial and architectural lighting applications where precise and smooth dimming control is required. They provide flexibility in adjusting lighting levels and creating desired lighting effects for different settings.

Analog dimmable LED drivers typically accept a dimming signal, such as 0-10V (voltage) or 1-10V, to control the dimming levels. The dimming signal can come from various sources, such as wall-mounted dimmer switches, lighting control systems, or dedicated dimming controllers

Model No: JUADN-6W-23W

Wattage: 4W to 20W

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Length 95mm
Breadth 43mm
Height 35mm
Connector Yes
Prewired No
Weight 71 grm
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Values Parameters
Input Voltage 220V-240Vac
Input Wattage 6W-23W
Output Wattage 4W-20W
Frequency 50-60Hz
Power Factor (full load) >0.9
THD (full load) <10%
Efficiency (full load) >80%
Inrush Current <6A
O/P Current Type Constant Current
O/P Current Tolerance 3%
Galvanic Isolation SELV
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Dimming method Analog
0-10V Dimming Yes
1-10V Dimming Yes
Dimming Range 1-100%
Surge Protection 6KV
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Over Current Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Class ||
Suitable for Emergency Lighting No
Isolated Yes
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Ambient Temperature 50°C
Case Temperature 70°C
Enclosure Material Plastic
Enclosure Color Ivory