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Phase Cut Dimmable Driver- 40W

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Phase Cut Dimmable Driver -40W

1. Compatible with any Home Automation
2. Flicker free performance
3. Dimming range upto 1%
4. Trailing & Leading Edge
5. Linear Dimming Function

Phase-cut dimmable LED drivers provide a convenient and effective way to control the brightness of LED lights in various applications, allowing users to adjust the lighting levels to their desired ambiance or task requirements.

Phase-cut dimming is a common method used for dimming LED lights in residential and commercial applications. It involves reducing the input voltage to the LED driver by chopping off a portion of the AC waveform. This chopping is achieved using a TRIAC (Triode for Alternating Current) device in the dimmer switch. By adjusting the conduction angle of the TRIAC, the dimmer can control the average power supplied to the LED driver, thus dimming the LED lights.

Model No: JUTDN-27W-40W

Wattage: 25W to 40W

Styled Table Example
Length 132mm
Breadth 40mm
Height 30mm
Connector No
Prewired Yes
Weight 118 grm
Styled Table Example
Values Parameters
Input Voltage 220V-240Vac
Input Wattage 27W-43W
Output Wattage 25W-40W
Frequency 50-60Hz
Power Factor (full load) >0.9
THD (full load) <10%
Efficiency (full load) >80%
Inrush Current <6A
O/P Current Type Constant Current
O/P Current Tolerance 3%
Galvanic Isolation SELV
Styled Table Example
Dimming method Phasecut
Leading Edge Yes
Trailing Edge Yes
Dimming Range 1-100%
Surge Protection 6KV
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Over Current Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Class ||
Suitable for Emergency Lighting No
Isolated Yes
Styled Table Example
Ambient Temperature 50°C
Case Temperature 70°C
Enclosure Material Plastic
Enclosure Color White