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Phase Cut Dimmer

Phase Cut Dimmer

1. Constant Voltage
2. Dimming upto 1%
3. Trailing & Leading edge
4. SMPS required

A phase-cut dimmer is utilized for dimming an LED strip by connecting it to an SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply).This application is specifically suited for constant voltage.

Phase-cut dimming provides smooth and continuous dimming of LED lights.  By reducing the power supplied to the LEDs, phase-cut dimming can lead to energy savings and prolonged LED lifespan. Many existing lighting systems use phase-cut dimming, making it easy to integrate LED strips into these setups.

Model No.: JUPDN

Wattage: 100W & 200W

Page Title
Length 50mm
Breadth 41mm
Height 26mm
Connector No
Prewired Yes
Weight 100W 40 grm
Weight 200W 47 grm
Values Parameters
AC In Voltage 220V-240Vac
AC Out Voltage 220V-240Vac
DC In Voltage 12Vdc/24Vdc
DC Out Voltage 12Vdc/24Vdc
O/P Voltage Type Constant Voltage
O/P Wattage 100W/200W
Dimming method Phasecut
Leading Edge Yes
Trailing Edge Yes
Dimming Profile Linear
Dimming Range 1-100%
Class ||
Suitable for Emergency Lighting No